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The Artist in the Lash Artist job description

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

It’s easy as an Lash Artist to simply give your client exactly what they’re asking for or even what we are comfortable with, but it’s in the name—Artist; to give them the best look for their eyes, lifestyle and health of their lashes.

How boring is it to give the exact same look every time, and how practical? Every eye is different so we need to approach them that way. Sit down with your client, and really take the time to figure out not only the look that they’re going for, but ask them questions like: “What do you do?” Are they a busy nurse looking for something simple they don’t have to worry about in their crazy work schedule? Are they a lawyer or maybe they work in an office where they want to look put together, but not showy? Maybe they’re a dancer or a performer and they need something glamorous that can be seen all the way from a bright stage to an audience.

Another thing to pay close attention to is the natural state of their lashes. Sometimes super long lashes are an unhealthy risk for certain individuals if they have shorter, delicate lashes. Slapping on a .20 15mm lash would be a death sentence for the follicle of a mature woman with a natural lash length of 4mm. Placing a .12 10mm lash on someone with incredibly dense, thick, naturally 13mm lashes might not give them enough wow-factor and might get lost in their ample lash line.

We as professionals must be confident in our approach to lashes and live by the simple rule that no lashes are created equal, and the client’s lash health is the single most important thing we have to look out for. Sincerity, honesty and integrity make a great artist.


LUP Team

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