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Lash Adhesive for sensitive clients

Some of our lash clients may be particularly sensitive when it comes to getting their lashes applied. The fumes may be just a little too intense and cause a mild stinging sensation during and after the appointment; it may cause their eyes to water a lot or make their nose run. You first want to make sure that you’re dealing with just a sensitivity and not an allergy. If you’re certain that it’s just a sensitivity, never worry, there are options!

Lash Universe Professional products have got your back!

The Moonstone adhesive is a fast drying clear adhesive. It’s got low fumes so it’s less likely to cause discomfort in your client. It does not contain the carbon used to give adhesive its black coloring, which can be a common trigger for sensitivity and allergic reactions in adhesives. Unlike many clear adhesives, it has an extremely fast curing time and you can expect a full bond in 1-2 seconds! It also has a great retention time of 5 weeks. Often many “sensitive,” adhesives sacrifice cure time and retention rates in favor limiting ingredients rather than finding suitable alternatives the guarantee quality. LUP products don’t make any sacrifices in standards so you can be sure that you’re getting an amazing product that is a critical balance between effectiveness and quality.

Having extra standby products for when you need them to accommodate clients is always a great idea. The Moonstone adhesive has a shelf life of 6 weeks so it can be safely stored unopened for weeks! Just give it a good shake for 1 minute before each use and you’re good to go! Once opened this baby can last 4-6 weeks and works best, like most adhesives, if stored in rice, silica beads etc. Now you can show your clients a whole new world with lashing!

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