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Allergy or what else?

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

We as lash artists know the dreaded feeling that comes when a client has a suspected allergy. So what do we do as a professional? While we always have to be careful, not just for the client, but for ourselves, we can’t offer medical advice so proceed with caution and if you’re not sure, send your client to their doctor straight away.

Sometimes it’s not always so simple though. When a client comes in complaining of “itchiness,” it’s not always immediately an allergy, though it’s great to be transparent and honest with the client about the risks and what an allergy could mean. It’s good to ask questions like: Had they been to see another artist with a different adhesive than they’re used to? Do they have seasonal allergies?

It’s great to treat this kind of reaction with a client carefully. Brush through their lashes and see if maybe an extension has gotten too close to their lash line and may be irritating their skin. Maybe a couple of lashes were not isolated properly so they’ve attached to a growing lash and they’re pulling causing irritation and discomfort. Maybe it’s spring time and their seasonal allergies are at their peak. Are they sensitive to the gel pads? or the cleansing solution or primer you’re using? If the condition is stable, and does not get worse with time, if there’s no puffiness, swelling, raw or excessively dry skin, it could be any number of things and a good session of trial and error may be needed.

One great option that has been found for that extra sensitive client is to do a post-cleanse with saline after you’ve finished the application. Sounds crazy, right? especially after we’ve told the clients –not- to get their lashes wet! However, most of the glue has cured by the end of the service, and a quick saline rise followed by ample drying can dramatically reduce irritation fumes for that extra-sensitive client, and you don’t have to break their heart by removing the beautiful lashes you’ve applied.

With all this being said, go with your gut and never ever give the client medical advice. Remember, their health ALWAYS comes first!


LUP Team

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